Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still here....

So Libbi has learned a few new tricks since her Dad last updated the blog... In no particular order, Libbi can now:

-Smile on command (pending her mood)
-Wave hello and goodbye
-Feed herself (bottle and in her high chair)
-Give kisses (Daddy taught her this one!)
-Pull herself in her crib, and on other objects in the house
-Stand almost unassisted
-Rolling around is old news
-So is clapping

-She has 4 teeth now (middle two, top and bottom)
-Loves to eat anything, including her toes

She loves to mimic anything any adult will do (a scary thought), loves to have her Dad count to 3 and throw her in the air, and her new favorite thing is to sit in her high chair and bang her Mom's metal meausring spoons and cups.

-Last but not least, Libbi got her first cold and runny nose (conviently the same day the snow dumped half a foot on us). It scared us rookie parents, but we have good friends and doctors that made it easy on us.

Really that's about all for the update...Lame, I know, but I gots things to do.


Travis, Calli, Libbi and Kojo (the one who picked a fight with a horse and lost...story coming soon.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Libbi Photo Shoot!!

I was doing some reading the other day in my PCPhoto magazine where it was talking about never missing an opportunity to take a picture when you're given the chance. As Calli was giving Libbi a bath tonight, I went outside to make a call and realized that with all of the cloud cover the lighting was near perfect for another Libbi photo shoot. I put the camera (not to mention Libbi and Calli) to the test. What can I say, I love my camera (and my girls, too...). I hope you all can appreciate the pictures as much as I do. (No, Heidi, there was no photoshopping on these pictures!)

See the slideshow below for more pictures.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Still Alive...

So, I know it's been a while, but we're all still here, still alive and kicking. In fact, we've been staying incredibly busy. Semi-pro football just ended with my All Star game last weekend (which I had an incredibly good time at by the way), Shelley football is starting up this week with our summer camp, and with the reunions and what not coming up, we're going to be tied up the rest of the summer.

And for our little superstar, Libbi...well, she's changing almost everyday. She is smiling on cue, giggling and even standing up (with a little help, of course), but she has her Dad's sense of balance and grace. She's still sleeping through the nights and we just started her on solid foods, her first being prunes mixed with rice cereal, and she just devoured it. However, the most fun thing lately is that she is now reaching for what she wants, including her parents...I gotta tell you, it's the doggone coolest thing about her yet. What can I say, I'm whooped.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, I'll have to get a video posted here soon as soon as I get everything reinstalled on the computer at home since it crashed the other day and everything had to be wiped and redone. Oh well. Enjoy the pics and the overhauled blog.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Call me crazy...

Look at me...I think I'm losing my mind.

I have sooooo many pictures of Libbi and only so much web space to utilize, so I put up not one, but two slideshows...check em both out.

The kid's already growing up fast. She's a tird about getting fed every three hours and won't hesitate to let you know she's hungry. She's still doing pretty well sleeping at night, not that I really know or anything, and she's getting into the really fun, interaction stages. She's starting to smile and cooh a lot, and surprisingly enough, understands what a smile is for, I think.

So enjoy the pics.

Oh and by the way, Calli's new salon is AWESOME, she absolutely loves it. She's staying even busier than before (plus doing better in the $$$ department too...). As for me, school's almost out for the summer, work is good, and my football team pulled out the big upset against the #1 team in the RMFL this weekend. Check it out at www.pocatellopredators.com....that's the team site, anyway. But I know you all just want to see pics of the kid, so I'm sure you didn't even read this last part!!! That's ok, the girls are cute...Kojo and I understand.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Libbi 5

Here's some new pictures of the kid. (and us too, of course.) I had to take the profile shot because I am convinced that Libbi looks like ET from the side. :)

We stopped by Twin Falls on the way home from Boise, and that's where Christina got her shot at being a mom, and also where Kojo got chased non-stop from Mia. It was a nice layover for all of us.

So, anyway, we hope you enjoy the new shots.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Libbi 4

Since many of our faithful viewers have not-so-patiently asked for more pictures of the kid...here's a bunch. We had a few visitors over the last few days, Kyle and Dad stopped by, and we took Libbi to the Shelley boys basketball tournament championship game (which we won!!!)...don't tell Libbi's doctor...he'd be really mad at us, and that's where one of my lineman, Josh got his picture snapped with Libbi. Then there's a few of Libbi and here Mom and Dad (still a little awkward saying that...), then a whole bunch of just her.

FYI, the "rash" is courtesy of my beard, which Libbi hates, but it does wake her up when she needs to eat, and also, she loves to lay on her stomach, especially when she is on top of eithe of us, and she put herself in the "Olan Mills pose" as I like to call it, we had nothing to do with it.

Other than that, we are all doing just great. Libbi about had to go to the hospital this week because she just wasn't eating enough, but gained just enough weight (4 oz.) between Wednesday's and Friday's visits to keep her home. No need for alarm, we think we have the problem fixed, and she is eating more and more every sitting. We'll know for sure after Monday's visit with Dr. Yost, the only person Libbi genuinely hates thus far in her short little life.

Thanks again for checking up on us, make sure you leave some comments so we know who's visited! Thanks!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Henry's Lake 2008

Sorry folks, I don't have but one picture of Libbi for this update, mostly because I was off to Henry's Lake with Dad, GA and the boys, and I took the camera. So, we had a really good time (thanks GA!) and I snapped off a few hundred shots and a couple of videos. Here's some of the still shot highlights.

By way of a brief description of some of the shots:
-There's some shots of our Rook tournaments (Winners were, Day 1- Kyle/Jeff, Day 2- Dad and me, Day 3- Dad and Kyle)
-Some snowmobiling shots, mostly of Kyle, Bryan, Sam and Jeff seeing how sharp they could get the sleds to turn and still hang on in deep powder (Kyle on the yellow sled was some of the best...)
-Jared trying to get my belt to fit his scrawny behind.
-Joey getting his butt kicked by one of the tubing jumps we built.
-And a couple of shots at Lesa and Chad's house for lunch on the way home. Sorry for the crappy quality on the shot of us boys sleeping...I didn't take it!

Enjoy. I'll get some more on Libbi on here soon enough. Give me a couple days.

Until then-


Saturday, February 09, 2008

More on Libbi

So, Libbi has had a couple of notable firsts in the last day or so. She had her first night of keeping her parents up all night being fussy (thanks to mom and her enchiladas), she also had ther first bath at home and her first really big diaper blow out.

For the most part, unless something's wrong, she sleeps most of the time. It's been fun having friends and family coming to visit. We are grateful to Grandma Clark for staying a few days to help around the house, and were sad to see her go this morning.

So anyway, I'm sure if you continue to check this site every few days, I'll do my best (time permitting) to get some new pics up every few days. So enjoy the new pics.

By the way, for the past slideshows that were once at the top, and very large, but are now so small, they're hard to see, you can click on the images and you will be redirected to the site that hosts them and view them in original size at your leisure.

The pics here are of Libbi's first bath, a really pretty sunset we had tonight, and a few random shots throughout the day. Also, there's a couple of Kojo trying to sneak up on Libbi when we brought her home...he's adjusted now, but was none too impressed at first. I thought they were classic shots. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 2

Well, as you might be able to tell by the pictures above, Libbi is already changing. Things seem to progressing just fine, and if all goes well, Calli and Libbi might be able to get out of the hospital a day early. Libbi continues to pass all of her tests, and aside from the occasional fussing when being changed and getting hungry is a very pleasant and quiet little girl.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent flowers and gifts, or called or even stopped by. We appreciate all of the attention and caring.

Stay tuned, as long as Libbi will elt me, I'll update this thing pretty often (as I have time too...). Libbi is not a fan of the camera flash, and I easily snapped 300 photos of her today. Gotta love the new camera!

Stay tuned!

Travis, Calli, Libbi & Kojo.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Arrival of Libbi Vanessa!!!!!

Well, the big day finally came, and thankfully went. Everything went as well as it possibly could have. Libbi came ti us very healthy, and our pediatrician told us not to anticipate any complications from here on out. Calli was a trooper, and did very well. To the surprise of many, I did very well in the O.R., and insetead of passing out, as was expected, I was all involved in the procedure and even asked Dr. Schubert if I could slap some gloves on and help out.

Please be warned that some of the pictures in the slide show are pretty graphic and gruesome, and also know that I left the really gnarly ones out! If they make you feel funny use the skip forward button on the slide show functions.

Now Calli and I understand what parents are always talking about when they refer to their children. It is a miracle of how these special things are created and we understand what it is like to really love something. This was an amazing experience, and I hope it is a long, long time before we have to do it again.

One last thing, thanks to all of our family and friends that have expressesd their concern and care. We have also become very appreciative of the medical staff that have helped us, they are very amazing people.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Calli's countdown...

Time for Libbi!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry I forgot...(and Libbi news)...

Sorry I forgot to post this little nugget.
This is from the Dec. 29 BSU-BYU basketball game where BSU took it to then #28 BYU. I threw this together in photoshop that night while everyone was playing games. The only thing I can add to the picture was that there is no picture that could have captured some of the priceless expressions on their faces. I still laugh, sometimes even too hard, just thinking about it. (FYI, you can click on the image to increase it's size.)
Just to keep everyone from getting all confused, "TBA"= Taco Bell Arena, and that is the only time you'll hear me address the Pavillion as such a dirty name, but the abbreciation fit within the room on the picture. Go Broncos!
BTW-Calli was ordered to a somewhat strict bed rest order from our doctor. Our pediatrician expects our OB to induce Calli anytime. We're all just sitting around the house waiting...impatiently. Stay tuned from the impending big day and the news following!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update 1: Trading Spaces: Libbi's Room

The newly remodeled nursery for Libbi.
Calli's mom, Sharon and Calli's good friend Heather came over for the weekend to paint and decorate Libbi's new room. Calli was really excited to get it done. Calli once again proved that if she wants something bad enough, she'll get it. I told her six months ago that I would not, under any circumstance paint any wall in my house pink...well, you can see for yourself. Thanks Sharon and Heather!!!
Before picture 1
Before picture 2
Sharon and Heather working
Kojo has not been so impressed....
Finished product 1
Finished product 2
Finished Product 3
Finished Product 4
Travis favorite part of the room
(Kojo hates this thing!!!)

Update 2: SHS 2007 State Champs!

Travis' and Shelley High School's 3rd State Title in 5 years.
Travis' Russets beat Fruitland HS 19-13 for the 2007 State Title. Here are a few pics of the big day, and celebration the next few days.
Pre game with the Shelley fans! The school flag Calli made for the kids.

Travis barking out some signals during the game.

Some blurring celebration (the stands were shaking...sorry)

Lining up for the trophy presentation.

Travis with his 5 offensive lineman (players of the game in my book.)

The family dinner party afterward.

The banner signing assembly.

Can't have a party without a cake!

Travis and Head Coach Dwight Richins after the assembly.

Update 3: Calli's Baby Showers

Here are a few pictures from Calli's baby shower here in Pocatello. I'd like to put some pictures up from the Boise shower, but i can't remember where I stashed them, so look for those sometime soon. We got more loot than we ever imagined, and thank everyone for their thoughtfullness and generosity.

Update 4: My first helicopter ride

My first helicopter ride with Kent over a cloudy, rainy Lewiston. I have to tell everyone, this was one of the most fun things I have ever done, even though the free fall bit, where Kent wanted to let me feel a simulated power failure about made me make a mess in my seat. Thanks Kent! I can't wait to do it again. Also, I'll post a video of the flight (I recorded the entire thing) when I get a chance to do all the editing.

Kent and Me preflight Just me preflight

The helicopter.

To answer a few questions:
1. Yes we both fit.
2. Yes, I barely fit.
3. Yes, we had to siphon out fuel to make room for my added poundage.
4. I only got in Kent's way once during flight.
5.Yes, we both fit, quit asking.