Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Libbi Photo Shoot!!

I was doing some reading the other day in my PCPhoto magazine where it was talking about never missing an opportunity to take a picture when you're given the chance. As Calli was giving Libbi a bath tonight, I went outside to make a call and realized that with all of the cloud cover the lighting was near perfect for another Libbi photo shoot. I put the camera (not to mention Libbi and Calli) to the test. What can I say, I love my camera (and my girls, too...). I hope you all can appreciate the pictures as much as I do. (No, Heidi, there was no photoshopping on these pictures!)

See the slideshow below for more pictures.


Heidi said...

LOVE 'em! And your flowers are great too, Dr. Green Thumb. Such a cutie pie... even with the awesome pictures, she'll be better when I can kiss her and hold her!! Good work, though. I'd love to see what you do in photoshop with these babies... they're adorable!

George and June said...

how could you not have great pictures when you have such a cute model!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Travis on the pictures. Keep them coming.

Sammy said...

She is adorable! Good job!