Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry I forgot...(and Libbi news)...

Sorry I forgot to post this little nugget.
This is from the Dec. 29 BSU-BYU basketball game where BSU took it to then #28 BYU. I threw this together in photoshop that night while everyone was playing games. The only thing I can add to the picture was that there is no picture that could have captured some of the priceless expressions on their faces. I still laugh, sometimes even too hard, just thinking about it. (FYI, you can click on the image to increase it's size.)
Just to keep everyone from getting all confused, "TBA"= Taco Bell Arena, and that is the only time you'll hear me address the Pavillion as such a dirty name, but the abbreciation fit within the room on the picture. Go Broncos!
BTW-Calli was ordered to a somewhat strict bed rest order from our doctor. Our pediatrician expects our OB to induce Calli anytime. We're all just sitting around the house waiting...impatiently. Stay tuned from the impending big day and the news following!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update 1: Trading Spaces: Libbi's Room

The newly remodeled nursery for Libbi.
Calli's mom, Sharon and Calli's good friend Heather came over for the weekend to paint and decorate Libbi's new room. Calli was really excited to get it done. Calli once again proved that if she wants something bad enough, she'll get it. I told her six months ago that I would not, under any circumstance paint any wall in my house pink...well, you can see for yourself. Thanks Sharon and Heather!!!
Before picture 1
Before picture 2
Sharon and Heather working
Kojo has not been so impressed....
Finished product 1
Finished product 2
Finished Product 3
Finished Product 4
Travis favorite part of the room
(Kojo hates this thing!!!)

Update 2: SHS 2007 State Champs!

Travis' and Shelley High School's 3rd State Title in 5 years.
Travis' Russets beat Fruitland HS 19-13 for the 2007 State Title. Here are a few pics of the big day, and celebration the next few days.
Pre game with the Shelley fans! The school flag Calli made for the kids.

Travis barking out some signals during the game.

Some blurring celebration (the stands were shaking...sorry)

Lining up for the trophy presentation.

Travis with his 5 offensive lineman (players of the game in my book.)

The family dinner party afterward.

The banner signing assembly.

Can't have a party without a cake!

Travis and Head Coach Dwight Richins after the assembly.

Update 3: Calli's Baby Showers

Here are a few pictures from Calli's baby shower here in Pocatello. I'd like to put some pictures up from the Boise shower, but i can't remember where I stashed them, so look for those sometime soon. We got more loot than we ever imagined, and thank everyone for their thoughtfullness and generosity.

Update 4: My first helicopter ride

My first helicopter ride with Kent over a cloudy, rainy Lewiston. I have to tell everyone, this was one of the most fun things I have ever done, even though the free fall bit, where Kent wanted to let me feel a simulated power failure about made me make a mess in my seat. Thanks Kent! I can't wait to do it again. Also, I'll post a video of the flight (I recorded the entire thing) when I get a chance to do all the editing.

Kent and Me preflight Just me preflight

The helicopter.

To answer a few questions:
1. Yes we both fit.
2. Yes, I barely fit.
3. Yes, we had to siphon out fuel to make room for my added poundage.
4. I only got in Kent's way once during flight.
5.Yes, we both fit, quit asking.