Saturday, February 09, 2008

More on Libbi

So, Libbi has had a couple of notable firsts in the last day or so. She had her first night of keeping her parents up all night being fussy (thanks to mom and her enchiladas), she also had ther first bath at home and her first really big diaper blow out.

For the most part, unless something's wrong, she sleeps most of the time. It's been fun having friends and family coming to visit. We are grateful to Grandma Clark for staying a few days to help around the house, and were sad to see her go this morning.

So anyway, I'm sure if you continue to check this site every few days, I'll do my best (time permitting) to get some new pics up every few days. So enjoy the new pics.

By the way, for the past slideshows that were once at the top, and very large, but are now so small, they're hard to see, you can click on the images and you will be redirected to the site that hosts them and view them in original size at your leisure.

The pics here are of Libbi's first bath, a really pretty sunset we had tonight, and a few random shots throughout the day. Also, there's a couple of Kojo trying to sneak up on Libbi when we brought her home...he's adjusted now, but was none too impressed at first. I thought they were classic shots. Enjoy!


Heidi said...

What a cute kid!!! I am dying to meet her. She didn't look so happy she got a bath, though. Kojo was funny and I loved the sunset shots... pretty night! Keep the photos comin'... it's fun to see you guys as parents! Hope Calli is feeling well.

Grandma said...

Cute pictures - I just can't get over seeing you, Travis, holding and fussing over this baby of yours. I love it!!!!! Also I have noticed that new mothers in our ward keep their babies wrapped up like a papoose (a blanket wrapped around them tightly) and the babies sleep like little angels. They are used to being in a tight space and it is secure for them. Just a thought.
Keep the pictures coming.

Lesa said...

Fun pictures! Hope Calli is recovering as well. You've got a cute fam! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the pictures!

Myca said...

Travis you big stud you. Good job on the kid. Just wanted to say what up? this is jared frogley

Heidi said...

hey-- we need an update! i'll bet libbi has changed A TON since we last saw her!