Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry I forgot...(and Libbi news)...

Sorry I forgot to post this little nugget.
This is from the Dec. 29 BSU-BYU basketball game where BSU took it to then #28 BYU. I threw this together in photoshop that night while everyone was playing games. The only thing I can add to the picture was that there is no picture that could have captured some of the priceless expressions on their faces. I still laugh, sometimes even too hard, just thinking about it. (FYI, you can click on the image to increase it's size.)
Just to keep everyone from getting all confused, "TBA"= Taco Bell Arena, and that is the only time you'll hear me address the Pavillion as such a dirty name, but the abbreciation fit within the room on the picture. Go Broncos!
BTW-Calli was ordered to a somewhat strict bed rest order from our doctor. Our pediatrician expects our OB to induce Calli anytime. We're all just sitting around the house waiting...impatiently. Stay tuned from the impending big day and the news following!


Angie said...

I will have to say that is pretty dang funny!!! I was wondering when you were going to post it, thanks for giving credit to your photographer who took such a great shot.

Angie said...

btw that was Jared that posted that last comment, not Angie, she wasn't there, had she been there she would have had the same sorry look as the 3 boys.