Monday, February 18, 2008

Henry's Lake 2008

Sorry folks, I don't have but one picture of Libbi for this update, mostly because I was off to Henry's Lake with Dad, GA and the boys, and I took the camera. So, we had a really good time (thanks GA!) and I snapped off a few hundred shots and a couple of videos. Here's some of the still shot highlights.

By way of a brief description of some of the shots:
-There's some shots of our Rook tournaments (Winners were, Day 1- Kyle/Jeff, Day 2- Dad and me, Day 3- Dad and Kyle)
-Some snowmobiling shots, mostly of Kyle, Bryan, Sam and Jeff seeing how sharp they could get the sleds to turn and still hang on in deep powder (Kyle on the yellow sled was some of the best...)
-Jared trying to get my belt to fit his scrawny behind.
-Joey getting his butt kicked by one of the tubing jumps we built.
-And a couple of shots at Lesa and Chad's house for lunch on the way home. Sorry for the crappy quality on the shot of us boys sleeping...I didn't take it!

Enjoy. I'll get some more on Libbi on here soon enough. Give me a couple days.

Until then-


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