Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update 2: SHS 2007 State Champs!

Travis' and Shelley High School's 3rd State Title in 5 years.
Travis' Russets beat Fruitland HS 19-13 for the 2007 State Title. Here are a few pics of the big day, and celebration the next few days.
Pre game with the Shelley fans! The school flag Calli made for the kids.

Travis barking out some signals during the game.

Some blurring celebration (the stands were shaking...sorry)

Lining up for the trophy presentation.

Travis with his 5 offensive lineman (players of the game in my book.)

The family dinner party afterward.

The banner signing assembly.

Can't have a party without a cake!

Travis and Head Coach Dwight Richins after the assembly.


Kimber said...

That's cool, Congrats, Travis!

Kimber said...

Oh, yes, one more thing, I'm impressed with Calli's school flag making ability...good job, Calli!