Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 2

Well, as you might be able to tell by the pictures above, Libbi is already changing. Things seem to progressing just fine, and if all goes well, Calli and Libbi might be able to get out of the hospital a day early. Libbi continues to pass all of her tests, and aside from the occasional fussing when being changed and getting hungry is a very pleasant and quiet little girl.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent flowers and gifts, or called or even stopped by. We appreciate all of the attention and caring.

Stay tuned, as long as Libbi will elt me, I'll update this thing pretty often (as I have time too...). Libbi is not a fan of the camera flash, and I easily snapped 300 photos of her today. Gotta love the new camera!

Stay tuned!

Travis, Calli, Libbi & Kojo.


Lesa said...

So sweet! If Libbi is ever in need of someone holding her, we are not far away! Trav, you look like a natural! She's precious! Thanks for more pics! That camera is going to keep you busy! Keep them coming!

Mandi said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Lindsey said...

She is beautiful! Many congrats from the McLean family!

Lindsey (McGee) McLean