Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update 1: Trading Spaces: Libbi's Room

The newly remodeled nursery for Libbi.
Calli's mom, Sharon and Calli's good friend Heather came over for the weekend to paint and decorate Libbi's new room. Calli was really excited to get it done. Calli once again proved that if she wants something bad enough, she'll get it. I told her six months ago that I would not, under any circumstance paint any wall in my house pink...well, you can see for yourself. Thanks Sharon and Heather!!!
Before picture 1
Before picture 2
Sharon and Heather working
Kojo has not been so impressed....
Finished product 1
Finished product 2
Finished Product 3
Finished Product 4
Travis favorite part of the room
(Kojo hates this thing!!!)


Cala Clark said...

I lOVE Libbi's room, it is sooooo darn cute!!! Good job Grandma and Heather!!!

Grandma said...

WOW - what a darling room. Now I guess I had better get the rest of the goodies done. We are sooo anxious to get another little one in the family.

Kimber said...

That's really cute, great job, everyone! Lucky little Libbi!

Lauri said...

That turned out so DANG cute!!!! I am very very jealous! I want a room like that!

Mandi said...

Hey you guys! This is Mandi Wadley. I just saw your blog in Mike's bookmarks. That is the cutest room I have ever seen! I love the polka dots!!! That is so fun- congratulations and good luck! See ya!

Sammy said...

I love this room!! It is so stinkin cute!!