Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still here....

So Libbi has learned a few new tricks since her Dad last updated the blog... In no particular order, Libbi can now:

-Smile on command (pending her mood)
-Wave hello and goodbye
-Feed herself (bottle and in her high chair)
-Give kisses (Daddy taught her this one!)
-Pull herself in her crib, and on other objects in the house
-Stand almost unassisted
-Rolling around is old news
-So is clapping

-She has 4 teeth now (middle two, top and bottom)
-Loves to eat anything, including her toes

She loves to mimic anything any adult will do (a scary thought), loves to have her Dad count to 3 and throw her in the air, and her new favorite thing is to sit in her high chair and bang her Mom's metal meausring spoons and cups.

-Last but not least, Libbi got her first cold and runny nose (conviently the same day the snow dumped half a foot on us). It scared us rookie parents, but we have good friends and doctors that made it easy on us.

Really that's about all for the update...Lame, I know, but I gots things to do.


Travis, Calli, Libbi and Kojo (the one who picked a fight with a horse and lost...story coming soon.)