Saturday, September 29, 2007

The reason I had time to update this thing...

I've been so busy lately with school and football and what not, so finding time to get this thing updated hasn't exactly been high on my priority list. So thanks to the wonderful Pocatello weather I had a little extra time today to catch up on a few in-the-house chores. Yup, this white stuff is snowed dang near all day today and we got at least a couple of inches throughout the storm..even though since it stopped a few minutes ago, it has already started melting.

Oh well, at least I got a few things caught up. Enjoy!


Kimber said...

Whoa! That brings back some Montana memories...ugg...that's one thing I don't miss!

Cala Clark said...


Im still waiting to hear the sex of that baby!!! :) :) Sorry about Art in the park we were in Utah that weekend!! Call me next time you are in town!! Love your stinkin guts!!!!!