Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's all new to us....

So, last night, after Calli saw everyone else's blogs, she decided that this would be a cool project for me to take on. While, I'm not sure why I am the one that has to start his thing up since it was her idea, I thought I would give it a go. Like the title of this entry says, it's all new to us, well, me, and you'll have to bear with me while I figure this thing out.

I thought that since this is our first entry that we could update everyone on what's going with us in at least the fairly recent past.

Calli has been busy with work, mostly at the salon. She is steadily building her clientele and is getting busier and busier with return appointments, which for those of you that are unfamiliar with the terms, is what defines "Stylist Success". She seems to really enjoy her new surroundings (she swithced salons a few months ago) and especially the girls she works around. Of course, she is still managing and waitressing at Elmer's. While she is anxiously waiting the time that my business really takes off so that she can finally quit and just do hair, she toughs out the long shifts and keeps bringing in the big bucks.

Calli has also been busy fixing up our house. She has painted just about every room now, painted the kitchen table and even re-stained the kitchen cupboards. Also, since we opened up the new office, we have since gotten rid of our home office and Calli has now turned that into another guest bedroom.

As for me, I can't understand why I am spending the time doing this when I literally have hundreds of better things to be doing. I guess it was this last weekend then I realized where my priorities should be when we attended Chad's cousin Dustin's wedding reception. We had to do the table introductions and advice to the newleywed's thing like every other reception and our table's advice to them was "Happy wife, Happy life!" Now you know why I'm doing this.

Anyway, Advanced Cellular is moving right along. I would be doing it an injustice if I said it weren't. While I know we could be doing better, I compare numbers and it seems that Jeff and I are ahead of the pace I set for myself prior to opening the doors. October is generally one of the slowest months of the year, but August and September ended up being really good for us, and we are gearing up for the holidays, which are insane busy. I hope to figure this whole blog thing out soon enough that I can link up my company website with this and update them both regularly. (I hope!!)

As for football, we are in the final stretch of the season. We fininshed our regular season up last Thursday with a win over Sugar Salem (you can see the pictures at www.idahosports.com in the "Action Photos" section, Shelley vs. Sugar). We are now 8-0 on the season, Mountain Rivers Conference Champions, and open up the playoffs hosting Bear Lake at Shelley Friday night at 7:00. If we were to go all the way to the championship game again, we will have games each of the next four Fridays, with the C'ship game in either Moscow or Boise the weekend before Thanksgiving.

So there you have it, an update for the three of us. I'll see if I can figure out how to put some pictures up on this thing too.

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our 3 sons said...

If you end up in Moscow for a game, be sure to let us know! We'd love to come cheer on the ol' Shelly Russets!